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CENTER 45  /  Boone, NC






Center 45

Center 45's mission is to be Boone, NC's indoor climbing and fitness hub, providing the High Country climbing community a central, comfortable, and welcoming location for climbing and training.



Center 45 is a hub in the community for climbing fitness, knowledge, and local beta. Though the immediate Boone region has minimal published information concerning specific boulder field guidebooks, this ethic has helped preserve access and prevent bouldering area closures. Our hangout/study area is loaded with maps, Southeastern guidebooks, and training references, all of which will get you safely out on some stone and up your project. If you are looking for some local beta, feel free to swing by and ask!

Boone Blocks

Being located here in the Boone and Western North Carolina region, we, as lovers of all things climbing, are a thankful bunch. Within an hour radius, we have at our doorstep enough quality climbing to keep us busy for years and years. Within two hours - more than enough for a lifetime. Check out our local climbing guide for information on some of the most popular bouldering destinations in the Southeast.


Gym Ethos

Here at Center 45, we are dedicated to creating safe and strong climbers, both indoors and outside. With our staff of passionate employees, extensive climbing and fitness amenities, and a collection of resources about Southeastern bouldering, you can no doubt find friendly local climbers with a wealth of information or a knowledgeable crew to get outside and session with.


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200 Den Mac Dr.

Boone, NC 28607


Tues - Sat: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 7pm
Monday: 3-9pm


Tel: 828-386-1550  

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